Talking with Friends and Family

Because our school is so different from other schools — and from what we experienced growing up — it can be difficult to express why we’ve made this choice for our child’s education and why we love what we see in our child’s development. The following points are meant to help make this a bit easier!

IDEA Students develop their abilities to express their ideas creatively and to apply creative problem-solving strategies.

At IDEA, students learn to evaluate and use information, not just memorize it.

  • With smart phones, we all have the Library of Congress in our pockets. The question is no longer one of memorizing or even accessing information; it’s being able to evaluate information, and use it effectively to pursue an objective.
  • Rote learning and memorization can stifle and stymie a love of learning. IDEA School students love school because it is meaningful to them, and because we ask them to use information to pursue specific goals that matter to them.

Learning at IDEA is collaborative, not competitive.

  • We offer our students plenty of time and space to share ideas and to learn from each other. We do not rank or track students. Rather, we work with them individually and in small groups to help each and every child learn and grow.
  • We evaluate their progress in reading, writing and math, as well as in the Habits of Mind, based on a developmental continuum that tracks individual progress over time, reinforces individual responsibility, and fosters the Growth Mindset.
  • Susan Engel: We’re teaching our kids wrong: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates do not have the answers

Teachers at IDEA make learning relevant and engaging to kids.

IDEA School students develop and explore their interests using real-world tools including technology and design tools, visual arts tools, scientific and math tools, writing, etc. 

Our program allows our students to grow into self-directed learners.