Laura’s Fellowship

Laura Wilson Etter, our kind and wonderful Co-Director of Program, Curriculum, and Student Services and Lower Elementary Collaborator, was selected as a 2019-20 CommunityShare Fellow!  The CommunityShare Educator Fellowship is a unique opportunity for PreK-12 educators from across greater Tucson to design and reflect upon innovative instructional practices and curriculum that support real-world, inquiry-based learning to deeply engage students.

“I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with this cohort of educators from throughout Southern Arizona,” said Laura. “It can be exhausting to pack an evening meeting into an already too-full week, but I feel so excited and energized to be surrounded by people who are working hard to make sure their students have experiences that will extend and challenge their learning.”

“As I listen to my new colleagues, most of whom work at public or charter schools (IDEA is one of only two private schools represented!), I’m so thankful that IDEA already practices inquiry- and project-based learning. Some of my colleagues are having to fight their school administrations just to be allowed to bring in speakers, and they have to ‘prove’ that adjusting the way they teach the state and district-mandated curricula won’t hurt their students’ performance on standardized tests.”

“I’m excited to use what I’m learning as Jaime and I prepare for the next inquiry arc in Lower Elementary, especially since my fellowship comes with additional resources for classroom materials!”

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