Community Transformation Award

The IDEA School won the Community Transformation Award from Arizona Complete Health at SVP Fast Pitch 2019!

David’s pitch focused on one of our core goals: to provide all children, especially children living in poverty, with the opportunity to take charge of their learning. 

David shared Jamal’s story*, a child who did not like school and was not reading when he joined us. Because we met him where he was, provided him a safe space in which to grow, and helped him see the many ways in which he was already achieving, he grew to trust us — and to accept our reading support.

Today, Jamal is reading. And most importantly, the idea he holds about who he is as a learner — has shifted. He’s now in charge of his learning, and as you’d expect, enjoys school again! He’s on a different path now, thanks to your support.

Click on the image below to watch David’s pitch
and help us open doors of opportunity for more students like Jamal. Thank you!


*name changed to protect privacy