Lunch Program

The Lunch Menu repeats every four weeks. Check out the Fall Semester Lunch Menu here!

NOTE: We cannot offer sign-up for only certain days of the week based on menu. If you know there’s a day coming up when your child is not likely to eat what’s served, please pack them a lunch on that day, and know that a collaborator will benefit from the hot lunch that day.

If, however, you are a two-household family and wish to sign up for the lunch program for only half the time (one parent’s days but not the other’s), please indicate so below, and provide details regarding schedule. Questions? Contact Bahne at 520-589-4933. Thanks.

Lunch Program Sign-Up

Please complete the form below if you would like your child to participate in the Hot Lunch Program, catered 5 days/wk by Johnny Gibson's Downtown Market. Billing is monthly; opt out at any time. See below for prices based on family income.
  • Please tell us how many people are in your household
  • Please tell us your Combined Gross Annual Family Income. Include all money coming in from employment and other sources for all ADULTS living in the home.
    It costs the IDEA School $3.75 per meal/per student to provide hot lunches. We offer four tiers of subsidy. **Please select which subsidized fee your family qualifies for, BASED ON THE CHART BELOW.** If you are not interested in receiving a lunch subsidy, please choose the final option. NOTE: If you are a 2-household family and only one parent wants to sign up (for only your days), you may. See below.
  • Please provide the following details: Who to bill, if applicable, and which days of the month your child will participate. Thank you.
    If you choose to participate in the Lunch Program and you are not eligible for Free Lunches based on income, you will be billed on the FIRST OF THE MONTH for the total number of SCHOOL DAYS in the month to come (varies month to month; see school calendar). Any billing questions should be directed to Bahne or David at 589-4933.
    The IDEA school does not have the capacity to wash dishes each day. We also wish to be mindful about the environmental effects of using disposable items. Please help us by sending a clean plate and eating utensils (along with a SNACK and WATER BOTTLE) with your child EACH DAY. IDEA School will have disposable products available as a backup.
    Please read through and check the boxes to confirm that you understand the details of the Lunch Program