Our Families

The families enrolling their children at IDEA School are diverse, but there are certain things our families share in common:

  • Our families are tired of stressed out kids, high-stakes standardized tests and/or schools with too narrow a focus.
  • Our families want a rich, dynamic learning environment that prepares their children for the 21st Century IDEAS Economy.
  • Our families want their children to have authentic choices and freedom; they want them to be happy in school.
  • Our families want their children to have the experience of regularly getting to pose big questions and having the space, time and resources to seek the answers themselves and in collaboration with others.
  • Our families care about their children’s social and emotional development as well as their intellectual and academic development. They want their children to grow up to be well rounded, happy, productive adults.

We are eager to partner with our families to create the rich learning environment — and loving support — that all children deserve, and to always improve our school and make sure we’re meeting the needs of our community.