Head of School

On December 11, 2019, the IDEA School Board of Directors approved a new leadership structure for the school, taking us from the Co-Director model that helped us launch this innovative IDEA and grow it from scratch, to a Head of School model that paves the way for our long-term growth and sustainability.

The Board of Directors appointed Bahne Kuehne as our new Head of School, with a unanimous vote of the Board and the full endorsement of co-founders Jaime Johnson and David Higuera.

Bahne Kuehne, Head of School

Bahne joined our team last summer and demonstrated her leadership from day one. Bahne has brought an eye for structural sustainability, a keen understanding of human and organizational development, a fresh perspective, humility, and a wonderful collaborative spirit to our team. 

Before joining IDEA School, Bahne co-founded and led the Community Montessori School of Bisbee and completed her Masters in Education Leadership at Prescott College, with an emphasis in Sustainable Leadership.

“I feel blessed to be a part of the IDEA School community and am excited for what the future holds,” said Bahne. “Jaime and David have done a wonderful job of nurturing the IDEA School from a dream about what a more holistic school could look like, to fruition, to growth.  Along the way, they have built a healthy community of students, families, collaborators, donors and other stakeholders, and have brought our Mission to life: providing a child-centered education that nurtures competence, creativity, collaboration and compassion through work that is meaningful to students and promotes life-long learning. The future for both our school and our students is bright, thanks to the tireless leadership of Jaime and David, the vision of our Board of Directors, and the tenacity, skill and compassion of our collaborators.”

Anthony Wisz, President of the Board of Directors, said, “We are pleased with the thoughtfulness and thoroughness with which Bahne, Jaime and David have evaluated the strengths and needs of the organization, assessed potential changes to our leadership structure, and led us to this momentous opportunity. With these three changemakers, and the team they have built, the future of the IDEA School is indeed bright!”

Added Jaime, “Working together with Bahne and David, our committed Board of Directors and phenomenal collaborators, I am confident we are laying the groundwork for a very successful future for the IDEA School. We are creating the structure that ultimately upholds and strengthens our Mission.”

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