Board of Directors

We enjoy the leadership of a diverse, creative and hardworking Board of Directors:

Jean Schroeder, TUSD Classroom Teacher (retired),
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Children’s Literature Assembly

Anthony Wisz, Managing Attorney, Immigration and Family Law Units, Southern Arizona Legal Aid
Vice President and Treasurer (Incoming President)

Stefanie Kirk, IDEA School Parent


Cece Aguilar Ortiz, IDEA School Parent
(Incoming Vice President)

Barbara Lewis, Dunbar School Alumnus, Dunbar Coalition Member, Community Advocate

Mellow Dawn Lund, IDEA School Parent

Maggie McKiernan, Founder and Owner, QualityTime Educational Ideas and Services, Early Childhood Expert

Marjorie Miller, Progressive Educator and Advocate, TUSD Classroom Teacher (retired)

Staff Representatives to the Board (elected each Fall by fellow staff members):

Katie Kurtin, Early Childhood Collaborator

Liz Prohaska, Science and Engineering Collaborator

Debbie Towle, School Counselor and Reading Specialist

In Memoriam:

Mark A. Wasko, BSH Builders; Educator and former public school teacher; Lover of life


Past Presidents:

Nicolle S. Bornstein (2015-17)
Mellow Dawn Lund (2014-15)


Co-Founders and Co-Directors

Jaime L. Johnson, IDEA School Parent; IDEA School C0-Director

David R. Higuera, IDEA School Parent; IDEA School Co-Director



We also benefit from the wise counsel of local and national experts in the fields of education, the arts, entrepreneurship, community development, innovation and finance. We are grateful for their guidance and support!

Pam Bateman, Founder of Civano Community School, Vail School District

Angela Baurley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Affinity Wealth Management

Debi Chess Mabie, Community Impact Fellow, University of Arizona School of Social & Behavioral Sciences; Director, Dunbar Coalition

Anita E. Fernandez, Ph.D., Director, Prescott College, Tucson
Director, Xican@ Institute for Teaching and Organizing

Erik Rice, Director, College and Career Readiness, San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)

Bill Roach, CEO, Biz Pathway: Partnering Business Growth

Anne-Marie Russell, Executive Director, Sarasota MOCA (FL)

Eric Schindler, CEO, Child & Family Resources

Gever Tulley, Co-Founder and Director, Brightworks and the Tinkering School

Morgan Wells, Curator of Education, Tucson Museum of Art