Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Board of Directors:

We enjoy the leadership and support of a diverse, creative and hardworking Board of Directors. 

Jean Schroeder, University of Arizona; TUSD Classroom Teacher (retired);
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Children’s Literature Assembly

Anthony Wisz, Managing Attorney, Immigration and Family Law Units, Southern Arizona Legal Aid
Vice President

Angela Baurley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Affinity Wealth Management

Secretary – currently open

Cece Aguilar Ortiz, IDEA School Parent; Nonprofit Programs Coordinator

Maggie McKiernan, Founder and Owner, QualityTime: Educational Ideas and Services; Experiential Education practitioner

Natalie Luna Rose, Communications Specialist, Community Advocate

Mellow Dawn Lund, IDEA School Parent; Co-Founder and Co-Owner, MAST

Marjorie Miller, Progressive Educator and Advocate; TUSD Classroom Teacher (retired)

Liz Prohaska, IDEA School Staff Representative to the Board; Science Collaborator; 49-year Teaching Veteran

In Memoriam:

Mark A. Wasko, BSH Builders; Educator and former public school teacher; Lover of life


Past Presidents:

Nicolle S. Bornstein (2015-17)
Mellow Dawn Lund (2014-15)


Co-Founders and Co-Directors

Jaime L. Johnson, IDEA School Parent; IDEA School C0-Director

David R. Higuera, IDEA School Parent; IDEA School Co-Director


Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of local and national experts in the fields of education, youth development, the arts, entrepreneurship, project-based-learning, and innovation. We are grateful for their guidance and support:

Anita E. Fernandez, Ph.D., Director, Prescott College, Tucson
Director, Xican@ Institute for Teaching and Organizing

Anne-Marie Russell, Executive Director, Sarasota MOCA (FL)

Bill Roach, CEO, Biz Pathway: Partnering Business Growth

Eric Schindler, CEO, Child & Family Resources

Erik Rice, Director, College and Career Readiness, San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)

Fernanda Morillon, Community Activist

Gever Tulley, Co-Founder and Director, Brightworks and the Tinkering School

Morgan Wells, Curator of Education, Tucson Museum of Art

Pam Bateman, Founder of Civano Community School K-8, Vail School District