“So How Do You Know They’re Learning Math?”

Or, How to Talk to Family and Friends about IDEA School!

Because our school is so different from other schools — and from what we experienced growing up — it can be difficult to express why we’ve made this choice for our children’s education and why we love what we see in our child’s development. The following points are meant to help make this a bit easier!


Current research suggests that creativity is essential as the demand is skyrocketing for workers who can apply their creativity and imagination to generating creative solutions to difficult problems.




Kids are well-equipped to find the information they need using the internet. At IDEA they learn to assess and evaluate that learning through a critical lens.

Rote learning and memorization can stifle and stymie a love of school and learning. IDEA School kids love school because it’s meaningful to them. 

Learning at IDEA is not competitive, it’s collaborative.

We offer our students plenty of time and space to share ideas and to learn from each other. Also, we are not grading kids on a scale. We evaluate their progress as they build competency in the languages and habits of mind we value.


Teachers at IDEA have to make learning fun and engaging for kids because students can choose where they spend their time. Teachers are accountable to the students and they spend hours during the week designing curriculum to engage and challenge students.



Kids are allowed to develop and explore their interests using real-world tools including technology, 3-D printers, electronics, visual art tools, science tools, writing, etc. As kids grow up, their interests become more sophisticated. At IDEA School the kids become well equipped to find the info they need and share it using a variety of tools.



Kids have control over the bulk of their day. As they make choices about how they spend their time, they practice accountability, intrinsic motivation, and responsibility. Ultimately, our program allows our students to grow into self-directed learners.